Endorsements are not given lightly and these individuals are proud to endorse the work ethic and dedication exhibited by Kecia Mays.  See what people who live, work, own businesses and have a vested interest in the district are saying about the candidate.

Arlington Board of Realtors (ARBOR)

United Educators Associatin (UEA)

Young Men of Arlington (YMA)

"I've had the honor and the privilege of working with Kecia on the 2009 Bond Advisory Committee and on the first ever Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, which she chaired. Kecia Mays is the epitome of dedication, professionalism and integrity. Her desire for the success of our young people is evident. Kecia would be a great asset to the AISD and to the city of Arlington."

- Derrick Gordon

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Kecia Mays for many years.  I've observed her in training sessions, and in meetings both as a participant and a presenter.  She is an active listener, not afraid to ask the difficult questions and seeks to gain  knowledge and insight to effectively reach common goals. 

She is intelligent with excellent problem solving skills.  She is very caring and has a cheerful, gracious and above all respectful approach toward everyone and everything she does.  She would be a committed ally and tireless champion for each and every child in the Arlington ISD."      

-Priscilla Johnson

"I have known Kecia Mays since our Freshman year of college at Texas A&M University. In those years since we met, she has proven herself to be indepdent, intelligent, hard-working and highly motivated. She is one of the most outgoing people I know. I think she has done an excellent job as a school board trustee. She is kind, caring and knowledgeable.

-Mia Moody- Ramirez, PhD-Baylor University

"I have known Kecia since we were in 2nd grade and as we have grown to be parents, the one thing that has been consistent is that she is passionate about ALL children. She does not treat her children any different than she does other children. If a child did not have money for lunch, she gave from her purse.

She volunteers to go on field trips and interacts with ALL students and makes sure she is available for the teachers with any assistance. She has maintained constant interaction with parents to make sure they know how to be involved in their schools. She has even car pooled with parents to make sure they have the opportunity to attend PTA meetings. Her efforts to gain as much knowledge as possible about her school district is evident based on her involvment with different committees created by AISD where she has been selected from a pool of other individuals willing to serve.

Her leadership skills have been noticed by the Board of Trustees as she has been asked more than once to chair or co-chair some of these committee's. Yes, Kecia is my friend, but she is also my inspiration to make sure I do all I can for my schools and children. I respect her for taking the one step I cannot and that is stepping up with the willingess to truly serve all the students, parents, teachers, community and all that are effected directly or indirectly by AISD. I would be honored to have her serve as a Trustee for my school district."

Sigrumm Ford


Kecia Mays has earned the opportunity to serve the AISD community as its school trustee. For over a decade, Kecia has volunteered hundreds of hours with campus PTAs and booster clubs, as well as numerous school board appointed committees such as the Financial Futures Committee, the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee, and most recently the Capital Needs Steering Committee. Through her selfless service, Kecia has demonstrated that her commitment to the Arlington school district is on behalf of all the students - she has no personal agenda. Please join me in re-electing Kecia Mays, the best qualified candidate, to the AISD Board of Trustees. 

-Laura Jones, retired principal

Martin High School



Honorable Jim & Priscilla Ash

Honorable Peter & Carole Baron

Honorable Joe & Doreen Bruner

Honorable Dan & Linda Dipert

Honorable Dr. Victoria & Jason Farrar-Myers

Honorable Raul & Kerry Gonzalez

Honorable Richard & Sylvia Greene

Honorable Bowie & Leslie Hogg

Honorable Kristen Hudson

Honorable Jamie & Gerald Sullins

Honorable Ann Morris

Honorable John & Mary Hibbs

Honorable Mike & LouAnn O’Donnell

Honorable Wayne Ogle

Honorable Diane & Ned Patrick

Honorable Gloria & Richard Pena

Honorable Tony & Julie Pompa

Honorable Aaron & Debra Reich

Honorable Polly Walton

Honorable David Woodruff

James & Barbara Adams

Devan Allen

Brian & Tammy Bader

Brendan Banks

Chad & Joy Bates

Esteban & Heather Blanco

Charles Brady

Stephanie Brown

Elizabeth Calvo

Stephen & Ann Cavender

Justin & Anna Chapa

Pastor Eben & Sara Conner

Hunter & Carla Crow

Kelly Curnutt

Wiley & Jennifer Curtis

Beth & Don Crymes

Sissy Day

Bill & Jeannie Deakyne

Roger & Jan DeFrang

John & Sara Demore

Harry & Amanda Flood

Persis & Persis Ann Forster

Terry & Teresa Gaines

Demi Garland

Susan Godfrey

Leanne Rand

Steve & Alice Ratcliff

Jason & Mona Rimmer

Pam Roach

James & Cheryl Rose

Brig & Dawn Serman

Shelly Shults

Debbie O. Smith

Thomas & Cheryl Smith

Deborah Spell

Amanda Sullins

Dan & Lea Sullins

Angie Summers

Curt & Sue Taylor

Larry & Sherry Trussell

Jimmy & Lori Turano

Jeanne Paull-Turner

Lisa Turner

Stephanie Watson

Jim & Joy Wells

David & Herbie Wilbanks

Stephen & Cheryl Wolters(partial listing)

Porky & Sue Hogg

Rev. David E Hogg

Michael & Teresa Jarrett

Jimmy & Laura Jones

Robert & Jamie Jordan

Jody Kirwan

Jeff & Amy Levy

Dan & Genoveva Malone

Pastor Dwight & Vera McKissic Sr.

Sandy McNutt

Fabian Medrano

Vandella Menifee

Geoffrey R Mitchell, PhD

Javier E Najera

Joe & Beth Owens

Eddy & Debbie Peach

Andrew & Anna Piel

Thomas & Cara Hackley

Bill & Teresa Hancock

Brandon & Gara Hill

Doug & Charda Greene

Derrick & Yolanda Gordon



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